Chinese food culture

This type is the continue of last food. Last time is the trying of the food but this time is the knowledge. The lesson had began.

With the computer, I showed a TV show called ‘Bite of China’ which is a very famous food TV show in China. This show introduced different type of food and its stories. I showed in the beginning how people get the materials from. The matsutake can only be found in big forest with good environments. Some people lived based on this. How much and quality of the matsutakes are, how much money they could get. The lotus roots are famous food materials in China but it can only get by hand. There are many people work hard to get enough roots from the soil of pond or river bottom. There is a sentence called ‘People survive based on the environment where they lived’.

Because of the time, I can’t show more to Johanna. So I had taught her how to find the videos with english subtitles so she could watch when she has free time.

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