Dinner in vegan style

I invited Yu to our home to have a dinner. At first I had been thinking to cook something traditional Finnish food but then Yu asked me if I could cook something vegan. Lucky me, because almost all traditional Finnish foods includes meat and I have no idea how to cook meat dishes. I haven’t eaten meat for ten years so probably it would have been a disaster. And of course, it was much easier to cook something we both can eat than prepare two different kind of dinners.

It was nice that Yu was so interested in vegan food and wanted to get to know my lifestyle. And that is the greatest thing in this course; you do not just learn about language and culture but about different lifestyles and ways of thinking. I would have to say that Yu and I don’t have that much in common, but nevertheless we have had fun at every meeting. It is good to get out from your comfort zone and get to know people who don’t agree with you on every matter.

We had a short conversation in Finnish considering our summer plans. Yu is also taking some Finnish lessons in school so his language skills are getting better and better. After our Finnish session, we ate a lot, discussed about movies, vegan foods and sports. Well at least Yu and my boyfriend talked about sports. And the evening ended with the story of Chinese jumping zombies. Apparently, there will be more ghost stories at our last meeting.



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