[Finnish/French] – Clothes

This time we wanted to change our habits and meet in a different place. We went to H&M to learn the names of clothing in Finnish and French.
For the exercice to be easier we had written the vocabulary and colors on a paper.


I had learned the colors at school therefore I remembered some words however she learned me how to use the plural. If the word ended with a voyel in singular, in plural we have to add a “-t”. For instance -ä becomes -ät and -i/-it. Another example singular/plural :  -nen/-set .

Even if Nina knows some French, she didn’t know lots of word, only the basics one like “chaussettes” (socks) or “pantalon” (trousers)

After learning all the words we created a small translation test to see if you have understood.

It was an instructive meeting because now I am more confortable during shopping.

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