Our last meeting

I can’t believe we’ve met 10 times and so today was our last meeting. We met us at the river in Tampere. The place is near to Pella’s Coffee and one of our favorite places. There you can enjoy the sun, drink and eat something and have a really good time. After the picnic, we wanted to go to the sauna and so we discussed the following vocabulary.

sea- la mar
sun – el sol
island – la isla
beach- la playa
lake- el lago

For Heide it was the first time in the Rauhaniemi sauna, we others were there for the second or thirst time. I like the Finnish sauna and that you can go to the lake. The first time was very hard for me, but if you tried it, you are very proud. Fernanda tried it for the first time in Finland and we were so proud of her and she was so lucky.

At the end of the meeting everyone was a bit sad because it was the last meeting. Now it is time to go home for us. But in general, Each one Teach one was a wonderful experience and now I can speak a bit Spanish.

Thanks girls!

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