Throwback To series S1E05

Moi !

For the 5th session we wanted to see the past tense of the verb. After having see the present, it’s logical to see the past as well. We went back to our, what we called our HQ, the new york coffee for this one, as it was always cold outside.

Past tense :

it’s a lot more easier than the present tense so I won’t post all again the verb we saw in the previous session but only the rule in french for. The most common used past tense for us is the “imparfait”, wich is the one we saw with ulla

the rule is easy : you take the core of the verb at his indicative form and you replace the end (most of the time it’s the last syllable) by these :

Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 18.48.53

and voilà !

For the finnish form it’s quite the same rule (if i understood correctly): you replace the end of the verb by -in -it -i -imme -itte -ivat

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