Vegan food

Johanna had invited me to have a meal at her place, so she could show me some good Finnish style vegan food. I was intrerested because I am a carnivorists and I had tried some bad vegan food. She would like to change my oppions of the vegan food.

I had meal with Johanna and her husband. We had some nice talks during the meal. Johanna had cooked many different types of the vegan food. There were some patatoes with liitle taste which was my favorate vegan type. There were also some vegan food which looks like meat pie, but it made of soybean. The drinks were also soy milk. This milk tasted good, and maybe it could be metter if it was more sweet.

We had a nice meal together, and I also asked her husband how does it feel when you have a vegan wife. He said mainly difficult on finding the food and restaurant:)

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