Last meeting–Ghost~

This is our last meeting and also the last meet before summer holiday. I decided to tell ghost stories to Johanna to make sure she had a good memories (Maybe not). Ha ha…

I had introduced some traditional ghost and some stories in China. For example: we have different types of ghost based on their death. There are good ghost and bad ghost. There are also many similars with our ghost story and Janpanese, Korean stories. I showed few samples make sure Johanna understand clearly. I also introduced some trsditional festival based on ghost called Ghost Festival. That’s the day in the story many ghost will come out from the hell, so people need to becareful about the ghost. Based on the story, some trditions ahd been created. For example: People are more likely stay inside than outside.

Johanna felt really interested on this topic. I showed also some pictures expalin the different between Chinese zombie and western zombie. This is really funny. From this course I got a nice freind which can teach me somenew things and I could also teach her something. By learning from Johanna, I had learned more about Finland and its other parts.

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