We met with Emmi, it was again a long meeting, as always, very constructive.

I noticed a some differences between what Emmi was telling me and what we can find on internet about Finnish traditions. For example on internet it says that finnish people have a stong feel about national identity whereas Emmi doesn’t.

About the religion, it’s true that in Tampere there are a lot of church but no Finnish people talk me about it. I just know that most Finns belong to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church.

Finland is the only country who talk finnish but, this language can be uderstand by Easter Europe such as Estonia.

Finland have a closed relationship with sweden due to their linked history.

In france to say ‘Hello’ we are use to kiss each other on the check. Here in finland it’s more like an ‘American hug’ or, if you need to be formal, Finnish people shake hands.

About eating, I already talk a bit about it. It’s usual for Finnish people to eat the lunch around 11am, and dinner around 6pm, much more earlier than in France.

In Tampere, we can find café everywhere, Finns are used to meet each other in those place. More about drinks, Finns drink milk all the time, even with pizza, wich is very stange for me. About alcohol, I noticed that Finns drink a lot of pur alcohol, and a lot of beers.

I was suprised about smoking. I thought that because of the weater, Finnish people were not used to smoke, it’s too cold outside and it’s banned to smoke inside as in many countries. I was wrong, it’s common.

Eating sausages and drinking beers after the sauna is a tradition. I went one with my teacher of ‘Area studies’ and he brings some.

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