Baby Jesus bringing presents?

This time we met at our beatiful schools café.

Holidays were the topic and believe it or not, there are a lot of differences in holidays.

Finlands Christmas actually feels like traditional American movie Christmas if you can imagine. Though we celebrate it on 24th day of December. There’s a feast including ham, different casseroles, fish and rice porridge.

Hungarians have 2 “Christmas”. TWO CHRISTMAS!!
On the 6th of December children clean their shoes and put them on the window, hoping to get presents from Mikulás (Santa). Now bad children dont get presents (of course). Instead they get this golden branch kind of a thing (looks a little like a bouquet of oats) from Krampusz who is, and I quote from Melinda, a little prick who helps Santa.
On the 24th Baby Jesus comes to the building to give presents! Normal Christmas traditions happens too that include decorating the tree etc.

Hungary has this tradition of “watering”. Our duty as males is to find a pretty girl, throw a bucket of water on top of the girl (or parfume them but that sounds way too expensive). It seems that this repesents the girl as a beatiful flower that needs to keep watered so it can grow even more beatiful. Now this watered lady has to thank the brave male who threw the water by giving him an decorated hard boiled egg. Sounds awesome. Also the Easter bunny places gifts into the nests that children have made. So no egg hunting here.

Finlands easter traditions are a little different. Comparing the Americas easter egg hunt. Children dress up as easter witches and bunnies and go from door to door asking for treats. In exchange the children have made staffs from catkins. Decorated them with different kinds of colorful trinkets. We also eat this rye pudding… that looks like a poop.

Happy holidays!

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