Brazilian lunch #6

We had a typical Brazilian lunch for our sixth meeting. Renata had invited me and her Brazilian friend for lunch. As the theme was Brazilian for this meeting, we spoke mostly in Portuguese this time. It was not only the language and food that was the same as in Brazil but we also listened to Brazilian hit songs. I heard some cool new songs from Brazil and got a nice tip to follow top lists by country on Spotify. Now I’ve been listening to more Brazilian music and maintaining the language skills that way also a bit better.

Me, Renata and Cecília having a good time.

The Brazilians eat really similarly every lunch. It consists of rice, beans, meet and some vegetables. Even though it’s always pretty much the same, it’s delicious every time. Now that I realized the Brazilian food made here in Finland is delicious as well, I need to buy some time beans from the store and try if I can make as good food as my Brazilian friends.



Rice, beans, meet and vegetables. Coca-cola is also a typical drink for lunch in Brazil.

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Hey! I'm an International Business student originally from Kangasala, Finland. I have also lived in the US as a kid and in Brazil as an exchange student in high school. I am willing to work on my Portuguese language skills back to a better level and at the same time teach Finnish to my Each One Teach One partner. On my free time I like to do sports and go to avanto! :)

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