Lunch at Katmandu #4

After a long break we managed to meet up with Renata in June as the holidays had started. It was good that we went somewhere else than TAMK for the first time. This way it felt a lot more natural and fun to talk in both Finnish and Portuguese. It did not feel like we were forced to have a meeting and to talk about just something.

Katmandu was a new restaurant to me so it was nice experiencing something new. At the restaurant we talked about food, eating habits and summer plans. Not only did my language skills get better but I heard about a fun job opportunity! Renata had heard that Helsinki Cup, a huge international soccer tournament was still looking for portuguese speaking guides. So I applied and just finished my week as a guide for Brazilian and some other international teams. So thanks to Renata and EOTO for these opportunities!

About Petri Grönholm

Hey! I'm an International Business student originally from Kangasala, Finland. I have also lived in the US as a kid and in Brazil as an exchange student in high school. I am willing to work on my Portuguese language skills back to a better level and at the same time teach Finnish to my Each One Teach One partner. On my free time I like to do sports and go to avanto! :)

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