Last meeting!

I had forgot to publish my last post about our last meeting! Here it goes:

Our team had the final meeting in the form of dinner. I made vegan good, bulgur, vegetable meatballs and peas. This wasn’t a fancy dinner, because I just used the things I had left in my fridge and cupboard.. I moved the next day after our meeting, so it was great to share a dinner with them. And I had to say that actually this food turned out pretty good! It was 4:30pm and me and Goodwill were already starving! And instead of us, Sophie wasn’t hungry at all because french people tend to eat much later.

During this final meeting we didn’t really concentrate on teaching/learning process so much. We took a look what we had done together. Getting to know each other during this spring. It has been a great great time together! I have learned new french words and maintained my english. But even more have I learned from Sophies ja Goodwills life in different cultures. This course has been an amazing opportunity to get to know these two countries in Finland! In addition to developing my language skills, i got to know these to beautiful persons. Such a nice people with a great mindsets. I really hope to meet these guys again!

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