Nicolai and I volunteered at the academic conferences of EARLI and JURE as part of one of our courses for the Human Resources module. It was an interesting week! I had to be part of a lot of interesting and educational sessions presented by PhD candidates and other researchers. I can’t say the same for Nicolai though, he was unfortunately stuck on cloakroom duty the whole week.

One thing we have in common was that we were Santa’s little helpers. Despite what we were assigned, our main job was giving directions to the participants. We decided that we could do an EOTO meeting out of this and learn how to give directions in our respective languages:

I am quite surprised that I am actually learning and remembering most of the Danish phrases, even though my pronunciation is in my opinion quite poor, I am improving! Looking forward to going to Denmark again soon and see if anything that I learned will come in handy. We managed to do this vlog over our breaks while eating lunch.

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