Galaxie Pool

As I am sure everyone is aware, a bunch of exchange students have come to TAMK for this semester. Nicolai and I happen to have two girls in one of our HR courses. A task was for us to get to know each other and chit chat, so we decided to go to a pool bar near the train station in Tampere.

Personally, I found it quite enjoyable as I got to meet two new students which  I will be spending 6 months with and I and Nicolai decided to throw some EOTO action in too. Even though the main point of this event was to socialize with the new students, we did practice some language skills too.

Just for reference, Nicolai is the one crouched next to the blonde girl (Sasha) and I am the guy behind Nicolai. I apologize that we have the same picture, we only took one…. should have taken more.

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