1st meeting: Ni hao!

Ni hao! Hi everyone!

My name is Polina and I study business administration in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I´m a freshman and I´ve lived in Tampere for a month now. I wanted to join Each One Teach One because I´m interested in other cultures and languages. My EOTO pair is Min Liu and he is from China. I´m very excited to learn about Chinese culture! I also hope that Min will get to know more about Finland and Finnish language during this course 🙂

Min and I had our first EOTO meeting on 14th of September. We decided to meet in Journal Balcony next to the school library. Since neither of us is very familiar with the language that we want to learn we decided to start with some simple things.  We taught each other basic words and phrases of our languages and it was very interesting!

We started with Finnish. I made a list of phrases that I wanted to teach Min. During our first meeting Min learned how to greet and introduce himself in Finnish. We also took a look at months and days of the week since those are also used quite often. Teaching Finnish to someone for the first time was very fun but also challenging since our languages are very different. But I´m sure that everything will go well!

After teaching and learning Finnish for one hour it was Min´s turn to introduce me to Chinese language. I learned that there are four different tones in Chinese language and the meaning of the word can change depending on how you say it. That´s very interesting! It will definitely take some time to learn how to use the tones correctly… I also learned that months and days of the week are quite easy in Chinese compared to Finnish. In Chinese you just have to combine the word “month” or “week” with the right number! For example September is “jiu yue” (jiu=nine, yue=month) and Friday is “xingqiwu” (xingqi=week, wu=five).

I´m definitely looking forward to our next meeting!

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