Small talk and songs time!


Neea, Maris and I had our second meeting for dinner at TAMK. For them was dinner but for my spanish timetable was coffe time. We decided to divide our evening in three parts: finnish teaching, spanish teaching and songs time. Neea and Maris starting teaching me some small talk sentences and questions about personal life, whether or time.  Finally we ended up mixing both languajes and teaching at the same time because we were all the time asking questions to each other.

Here I leave some of the thing I learnt:

  • Mitä kuuluu? How are you?
  • Hyvää kiitos. Entä sinuelle? Good thank you, and you?
  • Mukava tavata/hauska tutustua. Nice to meet you.
  • Kuinka vanha olet? How old are you?
  • Mistä olet kotoisin? Where are you from?
  • Koti. Home
  • Olen Espanjasta. I´m Spanish.
  • Ole hyvä. Here you are.
  • On pilvista/aurinkoista/tuulista. It´s  cloudy/ sunny/windy.
  • On kylmä/ kuuma. It´s cold/ hot
  • Tuulee.  Wind.
  • Pilvi/pilvet. Cloud/clouds.
  • Aurinko. Sun.
  • Sataa. It´s raining.
  • Sataa lunta. It´s snowing.
  • Mitä kello on? Kello on… What time is it? It´s…

After the teaching we did the song part. Last time we met we talk about taking to each meeting a Finnish and Spanish song so in this meeting I took the song “Me rehuso”, because they asked me to bring a famous pop song from today, while they brought the song “Söpö”, that means cute. First we listened the spanish song and we translated together and then the same process but with the finnish song. Neea and Maris found easy to translate beasue they alredy know some basic Spanish, however for me was imposible to translate it by my self, although I really liked the song!

I really enjoyed this last activity because it was really fun to translate the songs and finding out some lyrics didn´t make any sense even in the lenguaje that they are written!

Here I leave some photos of us 🙂


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