Dutch🇱🇺+Spanish 🇪🇸


first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Marta Carrasco and my home country is Spain. I joined one of the coolest groups in he curse of “Each one Teach one” thanks to my classmates who make it the greatest. Talking about our group is composed by two Dutch boys which names are Thomas and Arné (I always pronounce Arné name in a very wrong way but on December I’ll be capable to say it right) On the other hand, the other classmates are Spanish people which are Cristina, Angel and Zazu, they take part in my daily routine because I live with them but by the way, they teach me many more matters a part from learning other language.

Our main goal of this semester is to share our different cultures, languages, behaviors and as well as become such a good friends, almost a intercultural family (even we have become already) Futhermore, all of us have many interesting stuff to teach and share during this period, firstly there are three languages which are Spanish, Dutch and also English.

Regarding to the firsts day our group met, the meeting took place in the residence we live, which is located in the Main Street. Dutch boys came over and spend the evening in one of our kitchens eating and drinking some tea/coffe. In the kitchen we have got a blackboard due to this fact we played many fun and instructive games such as “chained words” which is based on the translation of the words in the three languages, moreover to make it even more interesting, each of one had to guess the meanings of the words, so in our view it became really gratifying.

After that, we searched on google maps our home countries as we were curious on the location and also the distance among all the different places each of us live.

Finally, our awesome group set up the next meetings for the next months in order to organize our schedules and, moreover to try typical experiences in Finland such as canoeing in the lake, having a bbq and so on.

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