Hi! I’m Aranzazu Gustran, from Spain, and I share group in “Each One Teach One” with other three Spanish guys (one boy and two girls), and with two Belgian boys too. The latter want to learn Spanish, while the Spanish are interested in learning English and, if it’s possible, a little Dutch.

The other day, 23 of September, we met for first time with all the members of the group, and I think that it was an amazing experience.

Firstly, we started to talk about ourselves because, although most of us knew each other, we wanted to know more. For example, we talked about our full names due to Spanish people have two last names, while the Belgians only have one. Also it’s curious the way to say “hello”, because they give three kisses, and we give only two.

Then, we also talked about our home country, and the place where we live. Some of us live in small and unknown villages or cities, so we thought that the best option was search them on a map, and we did it.

Secondly, we started to talk about the next meetings, because we believed that it’s better to agree the days and the activities that we want to do soon and, at this way, to be able to organize our schedules.

In my opinion, all of us are enthusiasm with the subject and we have similar hobbies, so it’s fantastic because we have had some fun ideas for the next meetings. For example, we have decided to do a barbeque at Ritakatu (Belgian guys home), to rent canoes on a lake or to go at the beach for playing volley or having a picnic day.

Finally, we was playing a really nice game which consisted in “join words”. I mean, a person says one word, and you have to say another one, that starts with the last two letters of the first one. Moreover, for learning our languages, Spanish members had to say words in Spanish, and the others had to do it in Dutch. It was really nice because we try to guess the meaning of the words, but it was really difficult… (For example, Donker is “dark”, but I thought that it would mean “donkey”, because they sound similar.  Definitely, our languages are really different ;).

In conclusion, I enjoyed a lot in the first meeting, and I  am looking forward to the next, to launch the activities we have thought!

I hope you like it, see you at the next blog entry…


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