The first meeting with Alessandro

I’m French and I’m going to learn Italian thanks to this course. With my friend Audrey, we are going to teach French to Alessandro, an Italian man.

I want to learn Italian because of few things: 
- I leave near Italy so I went few times in this country and I think I am going to return several times 
- I never had the occasion to learn this language 
- I want to learn more about the culture of this country 
- I really like Italian food 
- I can speak a little bit Spanish, I want to acquire the same basis in Italian 

My goals to teaching French are: 
- Share my knowledges about my country 
- Help Alessandro to acquire the basis in French 
- Make so that Alessandro like even more France

We met one time to speak about our next meetings to know where and when we are going to make them. We are going to meet once a week, we will meet ten times or more. We said that we will think about when we meet one week before. Indeed, we have very different schedules all four so It’s impossible to know in advance when we will meet. 

 We established what we want to do during our meet: 
- Make a sauna to speak about a lot of basis things like the alphabet, the most important verbs, the days and months, the numbers, the weather… 
- Do shopping to learn about shops and clothes vocabulary 
- Eat a French and Italian typical food to learn about typical foods and to speak about the culture of the country 
- Go to a supermarket to learn about food vocabulary 
- See a French and Italian movie for learning the movie’s vocabulary and to learn a little bit of the cinematographic culture 
- Go to the lake in Tampere to speak about the architecture’s and nature’s vocabulary 
- Drink a beer in a bar to speak about the politics, the economy, the education, and the geography of the country

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