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Primo incontro con l’italiano 🇮🇹

Today, wednesday 27th of september, I met Alessandro, an Italian guy living in Tampere, with the other French girl, Camille. When we met Alessandro, we didn’t think he was Italian, because he doesn’t have a strong italian accent when he talks english. Anyway, the first meeting enables us to discover Italian words. First, we took a coffee in Sokos to get to know each other, then, we went to supermarket to discover together the food.

Here are the main words about food that we learned today:

There are some similar words as French, which is easier to understand.

Next time, we plan to cook Italian food! I look forward to experience Italian food, It’s my favorite 😉



From France 🇫🇷 to Italia 🇮🇹

Here we are. I am going to learn some Italian words! For the each one teach one, I will meet Alessandro, an Italian guy.  I will teach French, and I will learn Italian. We will work by pair with Camille, and individually too.

At the end, I really want Alessandro speak short conversation in French, and, likewise, in Italian, Camille and I.  I hope learning more Italian way of living and culture.

We plan to meet at least 10 times. We will decide which subject we will turn to at the end of each meeting. Our plans are:

French meal: It’s an important part of French life to share our gastronomy. I plan to cook some French dishes like Quiche Lorraine, ratatouille… and also to have a breakfast with French bakery. French wine and cheese are also for the French program.


Italians meal as well: Italia has a udge gastronomy to share. I would like to taste tiramisu, pizza, gnocchis, pasta, lasagnes, ravioli, Italian wine and lots of other meal.

We are going to alternate both meal, and we plan to meet either at French home or Italian home.

Shops :  Basically, we plan to go through shops, and define some of the clothes or objects.  We can end by learning alphabet in a coffee shop.

supermarket( September 27th) :  meeting to discover food (vegetables, fruits, meat, cakes…)

trip to the lake : meeting to discover nature, and to enjoy finnish tradition also


Bar/club: meeting in another atmosphere to talk about the difference between France and Italia

Basics of the language: verbs, numbers, day of the week, time, weather, season

Discovering the culture, politic, economic, education, and geography of our country.


Meeting in the supermarket

For our first italian/french lesson, we decided to meet in a supermarket. Then, we spoke about fruits, vegetables, and so on. Before this, I knew some words in italian like Ciao (Hello), Arrivederci (Good bye) or Prego (Thanks). Now, I can make my shopping in an Italian supermarket! 
The words I learned are those :





Fruits :

  • Kiwi
  • Banane
  • Pastèque
  • Pèche
  • Melon
  • citron / citron vert
  • Abricot
  • Ananas
  • Mangue
  • Tomates


  • Courgettes
  • Aubergines
  • pomme de terre
  • Citrouilles
  • Carotte
  • Avocat
  • Broccoli
  • Salade
  • choux fleurs




Viande : poulet, viande hachée, dinde






Papier toilette






Gel douche



Fruits :

  • Kiwi
  • Banana
  • watermelon
  • Peach
  • melon
  • Lemon / lime
  • Apricot
  • Pineaple
  • Manguo
  • Tomatoe


  • Zucchini
  • eggplants
  • Potatoe
  • Pumpkins
  • Carrot
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Salad
  • Cauliflowers




Meat : chicken, minced meat, turkey






Toilet paper





Body spray

Shower gel




  • Kiwi
  • Banana
  • Anguria
  • Pesca
  • Melone
  • Limone / limon verde
  • Albicocca
  • Ananas
  • Mango
  • Pomodoro


  • Zucchine
  • Melanzana
  • Patata
  • Zucca
  • Carota
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Insalata
  • Cavolfiore



Patatine fritte

Carne : pollo, carne macinata, tacchino





Carta igienica

Carta bagno






Gelo doccia


I noticed that there is only two words which are the same in all the three languages : kiwi and broccoli. And there are few words which are almost the same in French and Italian like banana, melon, pineaple or mango. I think Italian and French are very similar for a lot of words, many time there is only the end of the word which is changing.

The first meeting with Alessandro

I’m French and I’m going to learn Italian thanks to this course. With my friend Audrey, we are going to teach French to Alessandro, an Italian man.

I want to learn Italian because of few things: 
- I leave near Italy so I went few times in this country and I think I am going to return several times 
- I never had the occasion to learn this language 
- I want to learn more about the culture of this country 
- I really like Italian food 
- I can speak a little bit Spanish, I want to acquire the same basis in Italian 

My goals to teaching French are: 
- Share my knowledges about my country 
- Help Alessandro to acquire the basis in French 
- Make so that Alessandro like even more France

We met one time to speak about our next meetings to know where and when we are going to make them. We are going to meet once a week, we will meet ten times or more. We said that we will think about when we meet one week before. Indeed, we have very different schedules all four so It’s impossible to know in advance when we will meet. 

 We established what we want to do during our meet: 
- Make a sauna to speak about a lot of basis things like the alphabet, the most important verbs, the days and months, the numbers, the weather… 
- Do shopping to learn about shops and clothes vocabulary 
- Eat a French and Italian typical food to learn about typical foods and to speak about the culture of the country 
- Go to a supermarket to learn about food vocabulary 
- See a French and Italian movie for learning the movie’s vocabulary and to learn a little bit of the cinematographic culture 
- Go to the lake in Tampere to speak about the architecture’s and nature’s vocabulary 
- Drink a beer in a bar to speak about the politics, the economy, the education, and the geography of the country

Dutch🇱🇺+Spanish 🇪🇸


first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Marta Carrasco and my home country is Spain. I joined one of the coolest groups in he curse of “Each one Teach one” thanks to my classmates who make it the greatest. Talking about our group is composed by two Dutch boys which names are Thomas and Arné (I always pronounce Arné name in a very wrong way but on December I’ll be capable to say it right) On the other hand, the other classmates are Spanish people which are Cristina, Angel and Zazu, they take part in my daily routine because I live with them but by the way, they teach me many more matters a part from learning other language.

Our main goal of this semester is to share our different cultures, languages, behaviors and as well as become such a good friends, almost a intercultural family (even we have become already) Futhermore, all of us have many interesting stuff to teach and share during this period, firstly there are three languages which are Spanish, Dutch and also English.

Regarding to the firsts day our group met, the meeting took place in the residence we live, which is located in the Main Street. Dutch boys came over and spend the evening in one of our kitchens eating and drinking some tea/coffe. In the kitchen we have got a blackboard due to this fact we played many fun and instructive games such as “chained words” which is based on the translation of the words in the three languages, moreover to make it even more interesting, each of one had to guess the meanings of the words, so in our view it became really gratifying.

After that, we searched on google maps our home countries as we were curious on the location and also the distance among all the different places each of us live.

Finally, our awesome group set up the next meetings for the next months in order to organize our schedules and, moreover to try typical experiences in Finland such as canoeing in the lake, having a bbq and so on.

Another country, another cultures.


Today, 23 September, I met with two Belgium guys, Thomas and Arne, who are both living near to Brugges (Belgium) came to our home which is situated in the center of the city of Tampere. We had a coffee, tea and played a game which name is “chained words” , a typical Spanish game on the blackboard, putting one word in Spanish and the next one in Dutch. Every word we have written on the blackboard it’s been translated into English, so we can all understand everything and have a three idioms meeting. We have tried to guess the meaning of each word before knowing the real meaning, turning the game more interesting.

On the other hand, we have set the other reunion dates in order to organize our schedules. We have chosen different possible places as having a barbecue at Ritakatu where the Belgium guys live, going canoeing on a lake, going to watch the northern lights on a lake too. Also, we have planned to meet at a coffee bar to play some table games. We want to play volley and have a picnic at the beach which is placed at “Atlaspuisto” too. Moreover, we want to play some scooters or some bikes and go to a nice place, and if the weather is good for do it, maybe we can do ice skating too.

And last of all we are going to cook typical food for both countrys, Spanish omelette and waffles.

Finally, we have searched our own cities to know each other location. Their cities are Torhout and Keiem.

It has been a great experience since they are fantastic guys, who besides teaching their language and their culture make us have a good time together.


…See you in the next post!




Hi! I’m Aranzazu Gustran, from Spain, and I share group in “Each One Teach One” with other three Spanish guys (one boy and two girls), and with two Belgian boys too. The latter want to learn Spanish, while the Spanish are interested in learning English and, if it’s possible, a little Dutch.

The other day, 23 of September, we met for first time with all the members of the group, and I think that it was an amazing experience.

Firstly, we started to talk about ourselves because, although most of us knew each other, we wanted to know more. For example, we talked about our full names due to Spanish people have two last names, while the Belgians only have one. Also it’s curious the way to say “hello”, because they give three kisses, and we give only two.

Then, we also talked about our home country, and the place where we live. Some of us live in small and unknown villages or cities, so we thought that the best option was search them on a map, and we did it.

Secondly, we started to talk about the next meetings, because we believed that it’s better to agree the days and the activities that we want to do soon and, at this way, to be able to organize our schedules.

In my opinion, all of us are enthusiasm with the subject and we have similar hobbies, so it’s fantastic because we have had some fun ideas for the next meetings. For example, we have decided to do a barbeque at Ritakatu (Belgian guys home), to rent canoes on a lake or to go at the beach for playing volley or having a picnic day.

Finally, we was playing a really nice game which consisted in “join words”. I mean, a person says one word, and you have to say another one, that starts with the last two letters of the first one. Moreover, for learning our languages, Spanish members had to say words in Spanish, and the others had to do it in Dutch. It was really nice because we try to guess the meaning of the words, but it was really difficult… (For example, Donker is “dark”, but I thought that it would mean “donkey”, because they sound similar.  Definitely, our languages are really different ;).

In conclusion, I enjoyed a lot in the first meeting, and I  am looking forward to the next, to launch the activities we have thought!

I hope you like it, see you at the next blog entry…

fun and learn (I) ~~~Billiards/Billard/billar/台球

On 18 September, we gathered again and went to a local pub named Mallashovi.  After ordering our drinks, we decided to play billiards for spending our leisure time.  And all of us are not really good at billiards so it took us half an hour to finish a simple game.

While playing billiards,  there are several colors and numbers in the billiards game. We talked in different languages about colors and numbers during the games. It was really fun for me even though I made some mistakes in the games.

Looking forward to meeting them for next section.


The third meeting @ Café puusti

Our third meeting took place at Café puusti. The group was enlarged by Nedas, he joined our group to learn Spanish. We repeated the German and Spanish vocabulary from our last meetings to bring Nedas to the equal Spanish level. It was more difficult than expected, because he starts to learn Spanish from the beginning and we already started with our meetings. Further Maria and I already knew some Spanish from school. In the future we have to be careful that we are not too fast for him, so he can catch up with us.  

After our Mexican evening we wanted to learn food and cooking utensils vocabulary. During our learn session we recognized, that many words are similar in the other language. Then we started to learn and teach the clock in Spanish and German, which we are going to continue in our next meeting.

Cooking utensils: 

English  Spanish  German 
spatula  espátula  Pfannenwender 
fridge  refrigerador  Kühlschrank 
peeler  pelador  (Gemüse)schäler 
spoon  chuchara  Löffel 
fork  tenedor  Gabel 
knife  cuchillo  Messer 
pan  sartén  Pfanne 
pot  polla  Topf 
cup  taza  Tasse 
glas  vaso  Glas 



English  Spanish  German 
potato  papa  Kartoffel 
rice  arroz  Reis 
tomato  tomate  Tomate 
cheese  queso  Käse 
carrot  zanahoria  Karotte 
banana  plátano  Banane 
orange  naranja  Orange 
milk  leche  Milch 
belt pepper  pimiento  Paprika 
salt and pepper  sal y pimienta  Salz und Pfeffer 



English  Spanish  German 
Where is the bathroom?  ¿Done está el baño?  Wo ist die Toilette? 
How is the food?  ¿Cómo está la comida?  Wie ist das Essen? 
Are you hungry?  ¿Tienes hambre?  Bist du hungrig? 
How much does it cost?  ¿Cuánto cuesta?  Wie viel kostet es? 
It is very expensive!  ¡Está muy caro!  Es ist sehr teuer! 
When do we meet?  ¿Cuándo nos vamos?  Wann treffen wir uns? 
What time is it?  ¿Qué hora es?  Wie viel Uhr ist es? 

Jos metsään haluat mennä nyt niin takuulla yllätyt!


What a lovely day! My title is from Finnish song for children, it means: “If you want to go to forest, you will be surprised” and we sure did!

Today me and Helena decided to go to see some wonders of Finnish forests: we enjoyed the peace and quietness, ate some berries and tried to find some “suppilovahvero’s” (funnel chanterelles)  and “mustatorvisieni’s” (black trumpets). Today it was more about me teaching her and I taught her what I have learned from my mother as being in forest and picking mushrooms. My mother borrowed me mushroom book so it was lot easier to show them from the book for example how the names are written and also she (and me) could learn if the mushroom is eatable or not. I know a lot of them but there is SO many different mushrooms species and it was impossible to identify them all. We sure tried though!

I knew a few spots in the forest before and we headed to Kaukajärvi (name changed ’cause true mushroomers rarely reveal their spots).  We didn’t have to walk long since we found first mushrooms, the black trumpets! These are very highly valuated and you can buy them from the markets such as Tammelantori for 8-10e/liter… I knew that there might be since I had found them from there before too. Still, it is always a thrill to find some very good eatable mushrooms! They are VERY hard to find and even if you find, you might think that they are just some mushrooms that are gone bad ’cause they look like rotten. We continued further and you can’t believe what we found! There was some funnels and I was very happy to see them, ’cause I thought that it might be still too early for them (they are late autumn fungi). We picked them and not long until we found more, and more and.. Helena found the biggest suppilovahvero’s that I have ever seen! I couldn’t believe it!

 After great success in the forest we went to my place to make some food out of them. I called to my mum and she gave us a good recipe for funnel chanterelle-sauce. We also fried the black trumpets and ate them on the rye bread. The food was great and the company even better! I just love Finnish forests and the treasures they give us!