Tipico pasto italiano 🇮🇹

Today, we went to Alessandro’s home, who lives in nice little house in Tampere, to taste the Italian food. Having been recently in Italy, Alessandro returned fresh products directly from Italy, which made the tasting even better.


So what does Alessandro prepare for us  ? 

To start, Camille and I tasted  pastas with the delicious Gorgonzola cheese with crushed walnuts, otherwise called up in italian ” paste al gorgonzola” , which come directly from Gorgonzola city in Italia. It is one doubtless easier, and one of my favorite recipes of pastas to be realized. It was amazing ! 🍝

Then, Alessandro prepared a plate of polenta with some Salami (salame) and pieces of cheeses (Gorgonzola cheese). It was particularly tasty the range of these three ingredients.

Finally, the best for the end, Alessandro cooked a Tiramisu, my favorite dessert obviously. It was a tiramisu made without alcohol, realized with  mascarpone, spoons biscuits, eggs, and some coffee. What serves perfect to end this royal meal!

I really enjoyed this meal, because we discover a bit more of Italy. We discuss the various Italian dishes, and also the various “false friends” on dishes Italian, as for example “macaronis cheese” (it comes from the United States). Alessandro shared anecdotes about Italia, it was really interested.
Moreover, it really pleasant to have a more varied high quality meal than usually since I arrived in Finland. And, the best was eating some cheese!!! 

I thank Alessandro for this tasty meal, I look forward for the next meeting! 🇫🇷 


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