Feeding my new French friends!

Yesterday evening we met with my group at my place, for this meeting we already planned ahead to eat together some Italian food and at the same time talk about Italian cuisine.

Before to start studying at TAMK I took a cooking course back in Italy and before & after that I worked, for shorts periods, as an assistant chef in various restaurants and ice-cream shops around the world, so I was ready for the challenge of cooking for French people, because as most people knows Italy and France are top of the class when talking about food, obviously wine, cooking in general and baking desserts too.

I planned to serve them some good but still on a budget food even if, actually, most of Italian cuisine is made by ingredients that are not expensive, really simple but full of flavour without the need of spices or so.

I bought some egg-pasta and I served them in a Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts sauce, as I said before easy but at the same time full of flavour.

As second dish the process became even easier, I just sliced some salame that I got two weeks ago when I was at my parents place in Italy, I served it with some more cheese, from Italy too and also with a typical “winter food” which has its origin from the north of Italy, the Polenta: basically a sort of cream made with boiled corn.

For dessert, I made some Tiramisù, yes, the world famous Italian dessert, this one too it’s quite easy to make since it is just eggs, sugar, mascarpone, Italian sponge-biscuits, espresso and cacao powder.  I’m glad that Camille and Audrey liked it, even if I got a bit over the limit with the cacao-powder on the top of it!

I was really happy after this meeting we had, since it is known that French people knows what is good food, and receiving a positive feedback from them was really a pleasure.

Next time… French foooooood!!!

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