Hi everybody again!

Yesterday (7/10/2017), Cristina, Marta, Angel, Arne, Thomas and me had our third meeting;)

It was a really good meeting, but it was also a busy day, because we had to change the plans some many times…

At the beginning, we  thought about kayaking in the lake and I was really excited because I felt like doing it. However, it was really rainy, so we had to think about an alternative plan.

Thomas and Arne came to our residence (TOAS City) and we were discussing about what to do. Finally, we decided to go to Rodeo’s bar because some friends went some days before, and they told us that it was nice.

However, when we arrived in the Rodeo club, after such a long time because we got lost… it was closed ;( and we had to change the plans again haha.

After that as Spanish people knew a nice bar near and we were a little bit tired, we decided to go there. In Mallashovi, which is the name of the bar, we drank a few beers and, also we watched  an ice-hockey match.



While we were watching the match, we started to talk about the sports in our countries, and about the famous athletes and, watching the results , the idea of  learning  the numbers in Dutch and Spanish came up.  Futhermore, we learnt the colours and the personal pronouns.


It was really difficult to pronounce some words for me, but It was also fun and I got to learn so many words…I’m really proud of myself.

I felt really good again with the  meeting, and I’m looking forward to next one!

Bye Bye


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