Last week meeting at the… Boutique!

On the last weekend I met again with my EOTO group; this time we met in front of H&M in the city centre mainly because we were planning to learn some clothing vocabulary. We thought that H&M could have be the best option since they have almost every kind of clothes and so it was.

Here are some example of what we learned last Saturday, this time i decided to list just some of the words that are almost the same in our languages…

English Italian French
Tie Cravatta Cravatte
Gloves Guanti Gants
Shirt Camicia Chemise
Pants Pantaloni Pantalon
Belt Cintura Ceinture
Bow tie Papillon Nœud papillon

Again we all found out that the similarities between our languages are quite a lot, in fact some words are almost the same in both languages, also we planned the next meeting, which is actually this evening, where we will eat together, again, but this time something french

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