Preparation of “crêpes” for the French meal 🇫🇷

We met for the first time in our building of Audrey and me, in Toas City (city center). We decided to cook french meal for Alessandro. Indeed, we already taste Italian meal and it was very interesting to discover the culture of the country through the food.

Then, with Audrey we decided to prepare “crêpes” for Alessandro. The crêpes, or pancakes in English, are a speciality from the west of France. We cooked salty crêpes and sweet crêpes for the dessert. We wanted to make “crêpes Sarazin” for the salty crêpes, which are famous crêpes from Bretagne in France but we didn’t find the flour of sarazin in the supermarket.

For the salty crêpes we have made two types:

  • ham and grated cheese
  • tomatoes, goat cheese, apple and honey

And for the sweet crêpes we have made some with Nutella, with sugar, with caramelized apple and some “crêpes suzette” wich are with sugar and lime.

This meal was very nice but cooking in our kitchen was not very comfortable because we don’t have enough ustensils to cook so it was a little bit complicate.

Next meet will be at TAMK. We will learn the basics of Italian over a cup of coffee from Tamko! ☕️

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