Eating Crēpes at “TOAS City Restaurant”!

Last Tuesday we met with my group was in the city centre at TOAS City, were Audrey and Camille live for their exchange period. This was my second time entering in the building, since I went there for the first time last winter for a pre-party with some fellow students.

The girls were a bit upset because the kitchen they have at TOAS is really basic and also they weren’t able to find some type of flour that they would have needed to do salty crepes, but still they decided to try with normal flour from the local shop. All my family speaks french and two of my sisters have been living for a little while in France, so crepes are maybe the most well known French-dessert for me, or at least the one I enjoy the most!

Audrey cooked for us some salty crepes, and we stuffed ’em with tomatoes, cheese, goat cheese, apple and honey. The honey and cheese combination is something really well known around Italy and France too, I guess, but still i never eat it inside a crepe!

For dessert, Camille cooked for the whole group some sweet crepes and some fillings like caramelised apples etc. We ate one of the most well know combination all around the world, Crepes & Nutella so still France & Italy, just to take the all Each one teach one project to another level.  A new combination that the girls served me was the crepes suzette which is a normal sweet crepe, filled just with sugar and lime juice; this was my first time trying it and even if it wasn’t bad at all and I always enjoy trying new types of good food, I think I will stick to the basic Nutella one.

We didn’t talk a lot about one of our languages in this meeting, that’s why we will do it next time at school, when we’ll talk about some other basics in Italian and maybe some grammar too.

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