Playing High Tower at Cafe Europa

Yesterday evening we (me, Mutsumi and Tero) visited Cafe Europa. Cafe Europa is a bar offering some foreign drinks/beers, snacks and laid-back atmosphere. They also have a selection on board etc. games that can be played for free (you need to pay 10€ deposit, but you will get it back when you return the game). At first we tried to play a game called Munchkin which is some kind of fantasy card game. However, that game was way too difficult for us to learn in short time so we decided to play High Tower instead. I don’t remember whether that’s the official name of the game or not but you can see what I mean from the pic below.

Unfortunately, I lost in the game so I need to bring snacks for our next session:) But the game itself was a lot of fun.

Our language studies/discussions this time were related to cold winter and trips/travel plans. As so as, Mutsumi visited St. Petersburg on last week and I have also visited there twice this year. I told that on December I’m going with my family to Lanzarote which will be the first long-distance trip abroad for my children (they have already visited Sweden). I also learned a new concept in Japanese language, a verb called deshou which can be used with other verbs and adjectives. This site explains how to use it.

Our plan is to have another gaming session on Thursday because this first one was so much fun!

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