Spanish food and eating habit

So, this Monday was my last day to stay at my old apartment and it can be seen as a feasting party before leaving. Thus, we met with each other at my apartment again. And one of the members, Maria, she is from Asturias. She decided to make us the typical food of Spanish family which is tortilla de patata.  It was like an omelet in its own style. The ingredients were really simple but the taste was incredible.

And everybody loves chips.  So Tomi and Ivan brought us 2 packages of nachos with dipping sauce and Emmental cheese. We baked them together and made it as a complete meal for us.

That day we knew that Spanish people would only have very light and little meal for their breakfast, for instance, cereals with coffee or milk.  But they would have almost 5 meals a day including breakfast, lunch, small snacks before dinner, dinner and supper. And an interesting thing I found out was German people even drink beer when having their breakfast. It shows that how much passion do they have to beer.

New vocabulary

English                           Spanish

Egg                                   huevo

potato                             patata

Olive oil                          aceite de oliva

serrano ham                Jamon serrano

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