Do not feed the moose!

Last Friday we went to Vapriiki for a quick visit. I have been there once, but I really enjoyed it, so I didn’t mind to go again and this time with Krista, who is Finnish, so she can tell us a lot more. So we didn’t have too much time and because both of us (Krista and me) have been already here, so we let Fruzsi decide which department should we go. She wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, where is all the stuffed animals are.

We saw a lot of animals, like moose (hirvi), which is actually really big. It can be 700 kg and we heard about an insects for the first time: a deer fly, which is sucks blood from the deers and moose and it’s really flat so you can’t kill it with a slap.

Also we saw foxes, wolfs, a bear, lot of birds and rodents. Ohh and some luminous worm, which has a nice color at the summer nights. We met with an ilves, which means lynx and we already know that Tampere has a hockey team with the same name.

And there was some scents, which we can smell. Like rosa (ruusu), lily of the valley (kielo), pine (mänty) and all other kinds of scents from the nature. I spent there a couple minutes, it was so good.

I had a really good time there, learned some new Finnish words and all kind of things about the Finnish nature. And it was a quite surprise that the cashier known two Hungarian word like “Köszönöm”, which means “thank you” and “szia” which means “hi”.


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