Greetings from Ireland


This is a postcard to my friends in EOTO. I had a mother-daughter trip to Dublin on my autumn holiday. A day before leaving came the news of Ophelia, but our flight was not cancelled.

We planned to do some shopping. So we headed to the shops on Monday morning, but most of them were closed and the ones which were open asked customers to leave. “Code red”, the shop assistants told us; this had never happened before. So shopping was out of the question. But luckily we were in Ireland. The pubs were open, no code red there.

The authorities asked people to sit inside, but we went for a walk. The city was quite empty, a bit windy, with only few cars driving by on the empty streets. Then a familiar face walks by, with a group of men following him. Big men in black suits, wearing earpieces. And the leader of the group was a small old man with grey hair who looked a lot like Bill Clinton. My uncle said he has a reputation with young women. That’s why the men in black were following him. Hillary wants to be on the safe side.


Ophelia didn’t hit Dublin hard; we only saw one branch falling down. I was more afraid of sitting in the backseat of my uncle’s car when he was driving, than of the storm called Ophelia.

Minka Salo

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