Finnish and Spanish traditions

Maris and I had a meeting in Tamk´s caferia to talk about Finnish and Spanish traditions  and special days during the year. We talked about uusi vuosi  and uuden vuoden aatto (new year and new year´s eve); Jouluaatto (christmas day); pääsiäinen (holy week); vappu in the first of May; junannus in the middle of the summer and the independent day on the 6th of December. I also told her the most important days during a spanish year like carnaval, Semana Santa o San Fermín, explaining what they consist about and also my opinion about them.

After thi we talked about food traditions in each special day and also the times when spanish and finnish people have lunch and dinner which are very different.

We also learnt the days of the week, the months of the year and the four seasons:

  • Maanantai: Monday
  • Tiistai: Tuesday
  • Keskiviikko: Wednesday
  • Torstai: Thursday
  • Perjantai: Friday
  • Lavantai: Saturday
  • Sunnuntai: Sunday


  • Tammiku: January
  • Helmikuu: February
  • Maaliskuu: March
  • Huhtikuu: April
  • Toukokuu: May
  • Kesäkuu: June
  • Heinakuu: July
  • Elokuu: August
  • Syyskuu: September
  • Lokakuu: October
  • Marraskuu: November
  • Joulukuu: December


  • Kevät: spring
  • Kesä: summer
  • syksy: autum
  • Talvi: winter

Finally, we used the last  30 minutes to listen to a Finnish ans Spanish song. Maris showed me Juna by Spekti and I showed her Princesas by Pereza. I think be both liked the songs and we enjoyed listen to them and understanding the lyrics.


See you in the next post!


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