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A couple of day after we watched some French movies and talked about French actors/cinema; we met and decided to do the same kind of thing about Italian cinema.  Most of the “well-known abroad” Italian movies are unfortunately quite old, that old that I never saw some of them; so imagine how old it could be for my French friends that are even younger than me…

Like Camille and Audrey did in the previous meeting, I started talking about some actors famous outside of the Italian borders, like for example Roberto Benigni who acted in his own movie Life is Beautiful (La Vita è Bella!), Sophia Loren, who between the 50’ and the beginning of the 90’ acted not only in Italian movies but also in Hollywood and also she won several Oscars, Golden globes, the Prix d’interprétation feminine (prize for best female interpretation) at Cannes festival and also one BAFTA Prize and several national prises in Italy. Than I mentioned some Italo-American actors like Robert De Niro or John Turturro etc.

Afterwards we watched a movie called “Quo Vado?” a movie that a couple of years ago was able to reach the huge amount of 65,3 billion Euro in earnings in just one month and a half of presence in theatres.

The movie is somehow joking about the global crisis, that in Italy started to affect even the people working under the government, since even there, in order to save money, some cuts had to be done.  Checco Zalone is the art-name of this Italian comic guy who is acting in as the main character in the movie. He is a guy that since childhood wanted to be like is dad, and work under the government in a town hall or so.  In order to let him leave is job, they propose him to take a 35 thousand Euro before, and 50 thousand Euro later as a buy-out but since he wasn’t accepting it, he is sent all around Italy, to work for other governmental institute etc. for small period of times, but still Checco is enjoying this experience and just collecting different type of food and booze from the place he visited to the governmental agent who was trying to fire him.

To force him to take the buy-out, Checco is finally sent to Norway, but instead of hating the place due to the cold weather and cultural differences between the Scandinavia country and the South of Italy; he fell in love with a workmate, who is a scientist, and started to appreciate the place and stop missing Italy.

In the end he got married with his workmate and they even got a kid, while living in another exotic country in the middle of Africa.

After we watched some clips of a movie called Una moglie bellissima. It is practically the twin movie of the French movie Camping we watched a couple of days before.

I enjoyed this meeting, it was a bit challenging but still really nice to translate for the girls diring the screening.

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