Christmas cookies 🎄🍪

It´s time for Christmas Feelings on our EIGHTH meeting…Christmas advanced in great steps. We decided to make some typical German christmas cut-out cookies (in Swabian we call it “Ausstecherle”). There are different kinds of these cookies, for example ones with chocolate or colored sprinkles on it. But we decided to make some with jam between two “cookielayers”. Since we had neither a rolling pin nor rotary cutters, you can imagine how pretty they became (I think they were the ugliest and biggest ones I have ever made 😊). Anyways, we had a lot of fun and that’s the main thing 😊. Here are some pictures of our artwork:

While the dough was resting in the fridge for at least 30 min, Flóra taught me how to ask the way or describe the route/way in Hungarian (in the simplest possible manner). And as always, I found it hard to pronounce some letters, but it is getting better every time. Skill comes with practice!! 😊

Sziasztok! 😊

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