Ice Hockey Game Tappara : Ässät

This meeting it was time for the Ice Hockey Game. Everyone of us wanted to see one of the famous Ice Hockey Matches in Tampere.

We bought some student tickets which were pretty cheap and we had a great view on the Ice.

The Match was pretty interesting because both Teams were playing well. In the End it was 3:3 and it went into the extra time. Unfortunately Ässät scored the first Goal in Extra Time and Tappara lost the Game. But anyway it was so much fun. Also because it was my first time to see an Ice Hockey Game in a Stadium.

This time we also learned some new Vocabulary.

(ice)Hockey – Eishockey-  曲棍球 (qugunqiu) – Hockey (sobre hielo)
Hockey stick – Eishockeyschläger- 曲棍球棍 (qugunqiugun) – Palo de hockey/stick
Game – Spiel- 游戏 (youxi)- Juego/partido
Tricot – Tricot- 经编 (jing bian)- Camisola
Team – Mannschaft- 队伍 (duiwu)- Equipo
Referee – Schiedsrichter- 裁判 (caipan)- Árbitro
Ice-skates – Schlittschuhe- 溜冰 (liubing)- Patines de hielo
Goal – Tor- 入球 (ru qiu)-  Gol
To play – spielen- 玩 (wan)- Jugar
Whistle – Pfeife- 哨子 (shaozi)- Silbar
Cheerleader- Cheerleader- 啦啦队 (laladiu)- Animador

The Next Meeting is going to be at the Gala for the Independence Day of Finland.
This is going to be our last meeting.

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