Comida mexicana

Because our “Each one teach one”-group is very interested in cooking and having food together, Diego showed us how to prepare tacos dorados. Tacos dorados dough consists of corn flour and water. We rolled the dough to equal balls and flatten them into circles with a plate. Then we fried the dough in a pan without oil.  

Meanwhile we boiled chicken and potatos in water and after that we pulled the chicken into thin slices. The tacos were filled either with chicken slices or mashed potato, but Maria and I wanted both in our tacos wherefore we varied the recipe a little bit. Further, the mashed potato was different to the ones we know in Germany, it was less seasoned and less creamy. The tacos were rolled tightly and fried in a pan with a lot of oil.  

The tacos dorados are topped with cheese, cream and lettuce and dipped in salsa. TASTY!

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food comida Essen
lettuce lechuga Salat
oil aceite Öl
corn flour harina de maíz Maismehl 

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