Movie night!

The past weeks were really busy weeks concerning schoolwork, so it’s not always easy to plan a meeting… But we figured we could use a break, and decided to organize a movie night in TOAS City! And let’s be honest, it’s not like the Finnish weather allows us to do a lot of outside activities…

Thomas and I went to the apartment of our Spanish friends, and then we went to K Market all together. We bought some snacks and drinks, and while we were there we used it as an opportunity to learn some new words! As usual, we wrote the most important ones down in our list, so we can have a look at them later on.

After that, we headed back to City to choose a movie. As everyone can relate, this is the hardest part of watching a movie! 😀

After some searching, Angel and Marta suggested ‘The Truman Show’. I had heard of it before, but never actually seen it. I really enjoyed the movie, although we had some issues with the audio. An extra thing we came up with on the spot, was to add subtitles in 2 languages. I think that’s a great way to learn a language!

Another great meeting! Next one coming up real soon, since the biggest assignments for school are almost behind us.

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