Nineth meeting – La musica

We talked about the music. How different it is in other side of the world. Gabriela told that in Latin America they listening for example gumbia and reggaeton music. She showed to me and Getuar some Argentinean rock music, Soda Stereo band.

I think Latin Americas music has more rythmic than Finnish music. In Finland, songs have strong melody and some people likes to listen also finnish rap-music or heavy rock. Music in Latin America has more good feelings and it brings sun and warm to my mind.

I think it was funny that Gabriela knew finnish The Rasmus band before she came in Finland. She said that she listened The Rasmus when she was a teenager! Of course we know The Rasmus too in Finland. I and Getuar know few artists from Latin America. We like J Balvin and Don Omar. Gabriela knows these too, but she likes to listen music from Natalia Lafourcades.


J Balvin

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