Seventh meeting – Los adjectivos

We had meeting in a library. Gabriela have an finnish language exam in next week so I and Getuar tried to teach finnish to her. Gabriela have learned much already. We learned colors in spanish and finnish. I was little bit surprised that I can still remember basic colors in spanish! Also we learned other adjectives, how to describe something.

Here you can see a few:

FINNISH                           SPANISH                          ENGLISH

Punainen                          Rojo                                   Red

Sininen                               Azul                                   Blue

Vihreä                                 Verde                                 Green

Keltainen                           Amarillo                           Yellow

Oranssi                               Naranja                             Orange

Ruskea                                Marrón                              Brown

Violetti                                Violeta                               Purple

Valkoinen                           Blanco                              White

Harmaa                               Gris                                    Grey

Musta                                   Negro                                Black


FINNISH                           SPANISH                          ENGLISH

Uusi                                    Nuevo                                        New

Vanha                                 Viejo                                           Old

Nuori                                  Joven                                         Young

Iso                                       Grande                                        Big

Pieni                                   Pequeño                                    Small

Pitkä                                    Alto                                              Tall

Lyhyt                                  Corto/Pequeño                        Short

Kallis                                  Caro                                              Expensive

Halpa                                  Barato                                         Cheap

Kuuma                               Caliente                                      Hot

Kylmä                                 Frío                                               Cold

Kaunis                                Linda/Hermosa/Bonita        Beautiful

Komea                                Lindo/Hermoso/Bonito       Handsome

Onnellinen                         Feliz                                            Happy

Surullinen                          Triste                                          Sad

Hyvä                                      Bueno/Bien                            Good


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