Time in the Europa Café

On this meeting we went to the Europa Café to talk about days, months and seasons and to learn the names of these in Finnish and Hungarian. Fruzsi made some little cards, so we could write on those. The place itself was really nice and cozy. We found a good table, took our seats and ordered some drinks.

So first we started with the days. I think in both languages are hard to prounance these words. Then we were started to think about these names, where did they came from and so on. We looked up on the internet and found some interesting informations about the names of the days. Like “hétfő” (monday) it come from two words the Hungarian week or seven “hét” and the head or person “fő”. So it’s basically means head of the week. And the similar method was used the Finnish wednesday “Keskiviikko”, which means middle of the week or “Torstai” comes from the viking god’s name Thor.

After the days we learned about the seasons. I think this was the most suprising. First we tried to found out which word is which season is in the other language. We weren’t too succesfull. Then we looked up on the internet what we can found about these words. Well… The internet said that the Hungarian season names comes from the Finnish’ and some other languages’ words. Quite interesting!

For the last part we had a look on the months. The Hungarian ones come from the roman calendar, so there is nothing special about those. However the Finnish ones are different. The names of the months come from what is happening that time of the year, like “Joulukuu” means Christmas month or “Kesäkuu” and “Syyskuu” are showing the first month of the seasons “Kesä” (Summer) or “Syksy” (Autumn).


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