Movie time!

Last Saturday, we wanted to watch a movie together. Why? because watching a can be very relaxing and chill. Before we started watching the movie, we first went to the K market in order to buy some snacks.

Before we could watch a movie, we had to choose one ofcourse. And that’s always a challenge 🙂

After some discussing, we decided to watch The Truman show. It’s a movie about a guys life that has been set in scene from the day he was born. Some of us had already seen the movie and said it was a great one to watch in a group. At first, i wasn’t really convinced about the movie as I didn’t really like the actor that has the main role. But as the movie progressed, I couldn’t help but laugh sometimes and I noticed that I was really enjoying it.

I liked this meeting a lot because I like to watch movies, especially with other people around me.  At the end of the meeting we made another small wordlist of the words that we’re used or are related to the movie and snacks.

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