Shopping meeting

This is our first meeting for the course. As we all wanted to do some shopping, we decided that it could be a good idea to go together! Even though we wanted to learn some other basics like greetings before, we thought that going shopping would be a good idea not only to learn vocabulary on clothes but to practice our language skills as we were going through the shops. Basically, the main idea was to encourage ourselves to speak in the language we wanted to learn but also learning some specific vocabulary in the meeting. This are some of the words we learnt, written in English, Spanish and Italian.


English                                       Spanish                                            Italian

Clothes Ropa Abbigliamento
Shirt Camisa Camicia
T-shirt Camiseta Maglietta
Pants Pantalones Pantalon
Sweater Sueter Maglione/Felpa
Shoes Zapatos Scarpe
Handbag Bolso Borsa
Purse Cartera Protafoglio
Handkerchief Pañuelo Fazzoletto
Scarf Bufanda Sciarpa
Socks Calcetines Calzini
Hat Gorro Berretto/Cappello
Coat Abrigo Cappotto
Gloves Guantes Guanti


We soon found out that just vocabulary on clothes wouldn’t be enough if we actually wanted to go shopping in Italy or Spain so we learned some expressions as well that we when going shopping!


English                                     Spanish                                               Italian

Go shopping Ir de compras Andare a  fare shopping
Can I pay by card/cash? ¿Puedo pagar con targeta/ en efectivo? Posso pagare con carta/contanti?
How much is this? ¿Cuanto cuesta esto? Quanto costa questo?
Do you have one size more? ¿Tienes una talla mas? Hai una taglia in più?
Do you have one size less? ¿Tienes una talla menos? Hai una tagilia in meno?
Where are the changing rooms? ¿Donde estan los probadores? Dove sono i camerini?


It was very fun and we actually learned a lot!

I had a lot of fun in this meeting, despite being the first time we meet together, we already knew each other before, so everything was great.

We all love to go shopping and if we can also practice another language, much better!

I had never learned Italian before, so this first encounter with the language has been a bit difficult because, although I can understand it, I am not able to speak it. In spite of this, during the meeting I learned some basic words to speak Italian and I was even able to form some phrases.

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