4th meeting: Saarland

At the fourth meeting we decided to have a conversation in german and translate some words to finnish.

Mainly we talked about the Liisas time in Germany and my home state Saarland.

I tried to explain some traditions from my homestate. The most important tradition is a kind of bbq.


The bbq grill is three-legged and called Schwenker. The piece of meat, which is from pork, is also called Schwenker and the guys who grills the meat is also called Schwenker. Also the activity is called schwenken. So the most saarlandian sentence is: ” Der Schwenker schwenkt den Schwenker auf dem Schwenker”.

Also I showed Liisa some pictures of my home city and the main attractions in Saarland, like the Saarschleife. It is a river that turns the direction and it looks like a loop.

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