6th meeting: School confusion

This day Liisa helped me with my homework for the finnish class. She used german to explain the things I made wrong at first, so it was a good excercise for us both.

After that we compared school systems in Germany and Finland. In Germany the school laws are regulated in every state. You start with four years of elementary school (Grundschule). After that your parents choose the next school you are going to. Normally there are just three options: Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. The Hauptschule goes from the 5th to the 9th grade and you get the degree Hauptschulabschluss. Realschule goes from the 5th to the 10th grade and you get Mittlere Reife. At Gymnasium you are between 8 and 9 years (depends on the school) and you get Abitur. With Hauptschulabschluss or Mittlere Reife you are just allowed to do an apprenticeship. With Abitur you are allowed to study. There are several other parts you can take like Walldorfschule (5th to 13th), Fachoberschule (10th to 12th) etc. I told Liisa about my path. I was on a Gymnasium till after the 11th grade, then on Fachoberschule and got my Fachabitur. After that I made an apprenticeship and tried to study but failed.  After some years of work, I decided to study again and here I am.

I didn’t explained https://image.slidesharecdn.com/dasdeutscheschulsystem-091103230835-phpapp01/95/das-deutsche-schulsystem-2-728.jpg?cb=1257289744

I didn’t explained it in fully detail like in the picture. I just explained the main parts. But as you can see it is very difficult.

Compared to the german system, the finnish school system is pretty easy.


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