7th meeting: Forestry vocabulary and tongue twisters

This time we decided to translate some forestry and wild animals vocabulary which Liisa would probably need if she wants to work in Germany.

Here are some of the words we translated:

  • mänty – die Pinie
  • avohakkuu – der Kahlschlag
  • istuttaa – pflanzen
  • hervennus – die Ausdünnung
  • pienaukkojen laajentaminen – der Femelschlag

Also we talked about tongue twisters in both languages.

In finnish they are called sanahirviö, literally translated wordmonsters and in german they are called Zungenbrecher, which is literally translated tongue breaker.

Here are some we tried to manage:

Zehn zahme Ziegen zogen zehn Zentner Zucker zum Zoo.

Appilan pappilan apupapin papupata pankolla kiehuu ja kuohuu.
Pappilan paksuposki piski pisti paksun papukeiton poskeensa.

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