First meeting at Cafe Europa

Hello my name is Daniel. I am a third year student for Apllied computer science.  I joined EOTO to improve my finnish skills. I was paired with Liisa from Finland.

We had our first meeting at Cafe Europa. In this session we just got to know each other.

Liisa told me that she had already several years of german class and wanted to learn better german to speak with her boyfriend. I told her about my three years of finnish class and that i really want to know better finnish, since I want to move here sometime.

She told me that she had a exchange semester in Göttingen, Germany and I told her about my travels in Finland.

We were talking about the differences between finnish and german.

Just a few words we translated:

saugut – sikahyvä

Hochzeitsnacht – hääyö

fast – melkein

Schadenfreude – vahingonilo

Furthermore we agreed on our learning goals and further appointments, when we gonna meet.

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