Third meeting: Talking german and sauna issues

In the third meeting we met at TAMK. This time i already had three hours of finnish course before our meeting, so we agreed on speaking mostly german this time.

After that I told Liisa about the sauna in germany. In difference to sauna in finland, there are many rules and special “rituals”. First rule is, that you have to be quiet in the sauna. It is not allowed to speak. Also the sauna is mixed and you are not allowed to make the löyly.

There is a special person the “Saunameister” (sauna mestari) who makes the löyly. There is only one time in a hour for 15 minutes a löyly. Therefore the saunameister comes in and introduces himself. He tells everybody about the aromatic oil he has in the water.  After that he is starting.  After putting the water on the hot stones, he takes a towel and circling it around near the ceiling to get the hot air down.  After that he takes the towel and fanning hot air to everybody. He makes this about two or three times. After he is done , he says goodbye and everyone is applauding.

Liisa and me had the same opinion, that this is totally silly and the Sauna in Finland is definitely better.


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