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The year is over and the semester is over.

We met at the cafe. I talked about shopping. Shopping is always fun. I learned basic words about shopping.

We finished the lesson and gave a hug. My heart was sad. But I want to keep in touch. I was able to meet a real friend during this class. As we shared our culture, we opened our minds more easily and quickly.

I taught Korean and introduced Korean culture. These opportunities are not common in life. I learned about Finnish culture and language. We now have a better understanding of each other. I first tried to teach. At first it was difficult to explain in English, but as time went by, it became natural. I would like to take this class in the next semester. (heart)


It is a place I want to go too. There is no Christmas market in Korea.

They also sell food, carousels and handcrafted artifacts. I saw a lot of knit socks in particular.

Among them I bought my favorite sugar almonds. I’ve been to Ulla and Turk before, and I remember sharing it with Ulla. Almonds are so delicious. Why do not you sell in Korea? I am so sad about that.

There were many people in the Christmas market. When it snowed, it was crowded with people. I felt like a real Christmas came.

After I went to the market, We went to a nearby cafe. We talked about student loans in Finland. Finland was a very well-educated country, so it had a really good system.

In Korea, tuition fees are very high and support is provided in the country, but it is difficult to receive support. Finland, however, says tuition is free. So envy. And nowadays, the semester is over and the grades come out. Finland is Absolute evaluation system, not relative evaluation. So good. It was a good opportunity to learn more about Finnish university students.


I do not drink wine in Korea. But in Europe, I drink a lot of wine. I did not have a wine opener, so I had a hard time getting wine. It is a really funny episode.

Ulla introduced Glögg. I ate for the first time. It was so delicious. The best .@.@

Glögi ->                                  

Glögi is a spiced, usually alcoholic drink, enjoyed warm (compare Glühwein, mulled wine). The original form of Glögi, a spiced liquor, was used among other things to revive messengers and postmen who travelled on horseback or skis in cold weather in Scandinavia.

The production of glögi begins by boiling water and adding spices to it. After a few minutes of simmering you sieve the mixture, and add for example blackcurrant juice and clear spirits, rum or other liquors as well as almonds. Glögi can also be used to produce wine. The most common spices in Finnish glögi are cloves, cinnamon and ginger, which give glögi its christmassy flavour. In Finland glögi is usually linked to Christmas. Other common spices are orange peel and cardamom. The same spices are often used in glögi as in ginger snaps. Glögi may also contain raisins or almonds.

In Finland a number of different types of glögi are produced. Among them are alcohol free, mild and strong variants. Non-alcoholic glögi was originally just a children’s drink, but nowadays it is commonly enjoyed among adults. Strong glögi can have a 22% alcohol content.

We watched movies and ate wine and glögi. We saw a movie<Temple>, but it was not fun. We were all disappointed. But I hope that this will be remembered as a good memory.


Ulla invited us home. We made joulutorttu at home. It was the first time. I was worried that it would be difficult to make. But it was easier than I thought. Cut the bread, put the jam and put it in the oven. It is a simple method.

It was so delicious.


people eat this bread during the Christmas season. A joulutorttu is a Finnish Christmas pastry. It is traditionally made from puff pastry in the shape of a star or pinwheel and filled with prune jam and often dusted with icing sugar. The pastries can be in other shapes and apple used in place of the prune jam. Joulutorttus are mostly made in Finland but also in Sweden. The Swedish media has accused the pastries of being “swastika-shaped”.

Korea does not sell the flour dough at the mart. If I sell it, I want to go to Korea and do it.

The next day, when I went to Lidl, They sell this one but it was tasteless. It is much more delicious to make. It was more delicious because I ate joulutorttu with my friends. We talked a lot. 

The more I get to know my friends, the better I think I have done this class. It was a precious time for me.


On 29th of November, We had a meeting at Pella’s cafe.

The Finns drink a lot of coffee. Finland schools always have coffee breaks in the middle of classes. I was shocked. because we don’t have!

And Korea drinks more instant coffee than black coffee. It’s very sweet.

It is hard to find ice americano. In Korea, coffee with ice is popular. I think the hot coffee is the standard because ice tastes the taste of coffee.

and Foods with coffee. called pulla! I am big fan of pulla 🙂

And Ulla told the story. When eating a cake, the last piece is always left. I’m really excited about not eating the last piece. There is a slight atmosphere in our country. People all over the world are alike.

Alcohol was a topic that I could feel the most difference.

Finland’s alcohol is quite expensive. Compared to Korea. Finnish people drink lots of coffee. Koreans drink a lot, but drink more than that. In Finland, there are beer, vodca, long drink, and cider. Long drinks and cider are sweet and delicious. It is also the most drink in Finland that I loved. The traditional sake of Finland is kilju sahti pontikka.

The Finnish club sells salmiakki shot. She got blueberry shot mustikka-shotti recommended. Finnish people really love salmiakki.

I think that Alko was the most amazing. Korea can always buy alcohol anywhere. But Finland have a law. There is a time to buy alcohol at alko..

And There are soju, beer, rice wine, vodka, and cider in Korea. Makgeolli is traditional Korean liquor. Korean always eat drinks and snacks together. And we have a word, sul-zib. It means pub. but we have a pub also.

Korean always eat drinks and snacks together. we called anju. And we have a word, sul-zib. It means pub. but we have a pub also.

In Finland, you can have a driver’s license over 18 years old and buy regular alcohol. If you want to buy more than 22 degrees of alcohol, your age is over 20 years old.

But Korea can buy anything if it is over 19 years old.

And how to count birthdays was different. My country grows old when it is a new year, regardless of how many months I was born. But Finland said that the date of birth was the standard.

I think that ‘s right. The more you know, the better Finland.


Today, We talked about music.



Night wish

The Rasmus

It is the name of the metal band. Finnish rock music is popular. I listen to music production classes, and all of my friends are doing their own band activities.

levan Polkka-Loituma

fin traditional music is sad song.




I went to the Korean class last time, and there was a big fan of K-pop. Even, She knew the new singer. We can listen to music from all over the world. It was really amazing.

I introduced some korean song.

Psy-Gangnam style


Let’s talk about genre.

We have many things. For example, R&B, Hippop, Indie, IDOL…..

In Korea, hip-hop is popular.

I went to Klubi club last time. I heard that they have a concert with DJs, but not many people came. I think Hip-hop is not popular in Finland. However, there are a lot of people in rock performances.

There are so many karaoke in Korea. Korea People like to listen to and sing a lot of songs. If Ulla comes to Korea, I want to go to a karaoke together.

We listened to my favorite music. It was a good opportunity to know their taste. And I went to Ulla ‘s house for the first time. I was so thankful for inviting me.

04. FILM

We met at McDonald  in the evening. I did not know what summer time was. It’s my first experience. In Finland, the sun disappears early in the winter, but Finland have bluemoment. I really like it.

The three of us have something in common. Everyone is a Netflix fan. I recommended <strange things>and <okja>.

Ulla said she uses three platforms. Like Netflix and HBO Nordic and Vivaplay. I am curious about HBO nordic because Every time I watch a video on YouTube, I get to know it because of the ad. Ulla explained to uss. HBO is Nordic countries also make it together.

I can see yle in MediaPolice. It is said to be the national broadcasting of Finland operated by the public subscription fee.

I wrote down what we said in my notebook, and Ula asked me what I wrote. I usually write down like year, month, date. However, every european write Date, month,year. Every time I write a date, I get confused. It ‘s funny how it differs from how to write the date like this.

Last time, I went to the Finnkino. Subtitles appear in Swedish in film. It’s interesting. Finnish people are good at Swedish. Every time I watch a movie, I have a habit of reading Korean subtitles in Korea, but here is Finland. So I can’t understand a subtitle. I can understand only listening of English.

Every time I went to a film festival in Korea, I saw a Nordic movie. I used to admire the scenery every time I saw it. When I actually came, I really enjoyed the scenery.


We went to a pancake house near Ulla ‘s house. I feel like coming often somehow. (We have been there often since.)

We talked about the family and holiday of each country. Typical finnish family has 1-2 children. It’s similar Korea.


New year

vappu (drinking) party for working people and students, eating tippaleipä and drinking sima.

pääsiäinen (easter) children dress like a witch and go from door to door.

juhannus (midsummer festifal) people go see a big fire and drink alcohol.

Independence day on 6th of december,

Christmas. Probably the biggest celebration in Finland. Family members get together to eat.

Small ones:

Laskiainen: in winter, kids are playing in  snow

Halloween, mothers’ and fathers’ day….


new year : all family members gather around to appreciate their ancestor

  – food :tteok-guk

Chuseok : celebrating autumn’s successful harvest

  – food : song-pyeon

Along with Korean New Year’s Day (January 1 in the lunar calendar), 추석 is the most important national holiday in Korea, the day on which Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and give thanks to their ancestors for the year’s harvest. Extended family members gather and enjoy a feast of traditional food such as special rice cake balls called 송편 (songpyeon). Inside rice balls, there are different ingredients, such as beans and honey-coated sesame seeds, and children love to find out what are hidden inside these balls.

Christmas : mariah carey’s all i want for christmas all over the street.

More like a couple thing. people tend to hangout outside not home.

On holiday in Finland, shops are closed. They spend time with their families.

However, our country is crowded with people on holidays. The business is better.

Finland is the 100th anniversary of independence this year.

We have a similar experience under the control of another country. The National Liberation Day of Korea is celebrated annually on August 15 in both North and South Korea. It commemorates Victory over Japan Day, in which the Korean Peninsula was liberated from Imperial Japanese colonial rule by the United States and the Soviet Union.

I could think more deeply about the history of our country. And I tried to explain history. It was the closest topic to the culture of our people. I learned more about Finland. Today was the most impressive class!!


We went to a new cafe. There are many local cafes in Finland, not franchise cafes. The cafe was crowded with people and we had to wait for a seat. We talked about traveling with each other.

Ulla said that he had experience of going to Japan in Asia. We talked about the complicated traffic in Japan. In Japan, subway transit is very complicated. The path is long and it is hard for travelers. I have also been to Japan. I strongly agree.

And I talked about my episodes in Europe. A man ran in the subway with my bag. I was worried that he was stealing my bag, but as I found out, he was a friendly young man who picked up his load from the stairs.

And Ulla recommended the traditional market(Kauppahalli). I have to go. It was a place I would never have known if it was not for my friend’s help. So good.

Ulla recommended the place to travel. For example, Helsinki, Turku, Porvoo, Rauma, Lapland.

Finland has many forests and lakes. Our country is covered by tall buildings, so the view is narrow. Finland is good for the frontier. I do not feel uncomfortable. I have been to Helsinki a while ago. I felt a different atmosphere from Tampere. I decided to go on a trip to Ulla with Turks. It is expected. I want to go to Turk castle. Lapland is a good place to see the aurora. I wish I had the opportunity to see the aurora.

(Finally, I went there, turku castle!)L0L


We met for the first time since we made our orientation in the cafe a week ago. I was full of expectation. 

For us who liked Chinese food in Korea, Ulla recommended Chinese restaurant. We ate delicious food.

I saw that there was a Chinese restaurant in Finland and thought that I wanted to have a Korean restaurant.We learned basic greetings on the first day.

The English alphabet and the Korean alphabet are different. I had to explain it from the beginning.

Hangul has its pronunciation, so you can read anything you learn. You can say without knowing the meaning. So it was hard to explain the shape of Hangul at first.

Hangul is logical word.Most English speakers think Korean has thousands of characters, like Chinese, but it actually has a very simple and logical alphabet, which you can learn in a few minutes. The alphabet was invented in 1443 during the reign of the Great King Sejong. There are 14 basic consonants and 10 basic vowels. Letters that have similar sounds also have similar shapes, so it is easy to learn.

It was hard to learn three languages ​​at the same time. After this class, I can now say goodbye to the bus driver. I am very happy when driver answer. Last time I was standing at the bus stop, someone grandmother spoke to me. She kept speaking in Finnish and could not understand any of them. However, I am confident since today. I hope to learn more and share many stories in Finnish.