10th meeting: Christmas Market

And so came the day for our last meeting. We struggled a little while deciding the day for it since my exams had just started. But luckily we managed to match our schedules before the holidays. Before it was time for Min to go back to China I really wanted him to experience one of the most traditional Finnish events that was happening in Tampere at the moment: the Christmas Market.

We met at the Main Square after school and started our meeting by exploring the things that the market had to offer. It was the first time for me also so it was interesting to see all the crafts and treats that people sold there. Min bought some souvenirs to take back home to China and I got some great ideas for Christmas presents. After walking around the market for a while and taking some pictures by the Christmas tree we decided to go to the Pyynikki´s Doughnut Café that was in the market area. Both of us ordered a doughnut and a cup of hot glögi.

We talked a lot while enjoying our drinks. We discussed such topics as education and being an exchange student. I learned that in China it´s quite difficult to change the field you´re studying in the university or reapply the next year for example. Min said that he really likes Finnish education system for that specific reason, for the opportunity to change your mind if you feel like you´re not enjoying your current studies. He also told me that being an exchange student was a pleasant experience. It was good to hear because I´m also planning on going abroad at some point during my studies.

After we finished the drinks it was time for us to say goodbye. I´m really grateful for this experience. I learned an incredible amount of things that I´d probably never have learned in a classroom. It was also very interesting to teach the language and the culture of my own country. We promised to keep in touch via email because who knows; maybe someday I´ll visit China or Min will travel to Finland again!

Thank you Min and thank you EOTO!

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