5th meeting: Werstas

For our fifth meeting Min and I decided to get to know Tampere and Finland a little better together. We decided to meet in the Werstas-museum which is located in the historic area of Finlayson. The museum is very student friendly since it has a free entrance.

Our tour started with me telling Min a bit about Finnish history of the 20th century. We went into the room that was decorated like an old bank. It was interesting to see how all of that worked many decades earlier. The best thing about Werstas is that you can actually go inside the rooms and try some things for yourself. Min then showed me some of the Chinese money that he had with him.

We talked a lot about the history of both of our countries as we walked through the museum. It was interesting to notice that even though our countries are very different, they still share some of the experiences. One of the things we discussed was war; we realized that every country experiences it in almost in the same way. Education is one of the topics that we like to discuss since we are both students, so that’s what we did tonight also. Min said that he really liked the Finnish education system. I tried to tell him as much as I know about it.

I was really surprised and pleased how we still managed to learn about both Finland and China even though the museum was clearly about Finnish history. I´m glad that we went there!

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