6th meeting: Traditional food

This week’s topic for our meeting was very delicious; traditional food of Finland and China! Last week we agreed that we would search for some pictures of traditional foods and then explain the cooking process and the concept of that food. Exciting!

I started my introduction of Finnish food with probably our most popular meal of the year; Christmas dinner. Fun fact: today we learned a lot of new English words for a change. I had no idea how hard it would be to explain the making of our lanttulaatikko for example. I also told Min about our Midsummer sausages, Easter lamb and many other delicious foods. We also talked about normal food which was obviously very different from Chinese food.

Then Min told me about Chinese food. He showed me all kind of sweet treats that they make for Spring Festival for example. It all looked very different from what we eat here in Finland. He also told me a very interesting fact that China can be divided in two parts when it comes to food. In the North of China people eat more noodles whereas the South prefers rice. I didn’t know that!

After a long discussion about all the delicious foods we had to think about our next meeting. It wasn´t very hard to come up with what we wanted to do. We decided to go to a Chinese restaurant!

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